Bourgogne Haute Cotes Du Beaune 2021 France

Bourgogne Haute Cotes Du Beaune 2021 France

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Grape(s): Pinot Noir

Region: Burgundy

A stylish and smooth Pinot Noir showing fresh notes of wild red-berried fruits complemented by a delicate touch of rose.

Encompassing around 800 hectares, the vineyards of Hautes-Côtes de Beaune are expansively distributed across 30 communes. Positioned atop a hill on the parcels of Petits Charmeaux and Chataigniers, this vineyard site resides at an elevation of 380 meters. Benefitting from a microclimate that induces notable fluctuations in temperature between day and night, it fosters the creation of wines characterized by precision and harmonious equilibrium.

The Pinot Noir vines, aged a decade, are strategically planted with an eastward orientation, a factor instrumental in preserving their freshness. The vines are prudently trained using the Guyot method. The clay-limestone soils they find their roots in exhibit a harmonious interplay of water retention attributes, nurturing the vines throughout the summer while infusing the wines with the hallmark minerality and sophistication emblematic of Burgundy's terroir.