Champagne Paul Dethune Cuvee Ancienne Brut Grand Cru 2011

Champagne Paul Dethune Cuvee Ancienne Brut Grand Cru 2011

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Varieties: 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay

Region: Champagne, France


This right here; this wine is special. Paul Dethune is a grower Champagne producer who always leaves you smiling. And this wine ticks two big boxes: Grand Cru, and vintage Grand Cru vineyards are the creme-de-la-creme. And only in the finest years, will Champagne producers make a single vintage wine, like this one.

This Champagne’s sparkling colour and intense nose of fresh wheat and yeasty bread is mesmerising. On the palate, its all about flavours of underbrush, honeysuckle and bergamot. Its freshness and liveliness are combined with its creamy flavour.  Grand Cru Champagnes are incredible food accompaniments. And because of the complexity of it, don't just pigeonhole the pairing to oysters. Think a veal filet, foie gras and apple-apricot chutney, or a beautifully rare grilled piece of beef.