Il Caggio Prosecco Rose Millesimato Extra Dry Italy

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Grape(s): Glera

Region: Friuli

Founded in 1931, the origins of the La Delizia enterprise trace back to a rich legacy of tradition and fervor, a legacy that perseveres and transforms in tandem with the evolving market landscape. Anchored in a profound lineage of winemaking expertise, harmonized with an unwavering appetite for innovation, La Delizia has emerged as a trailblazing force within the realm of sparkling wines

Il Caggio Sparkling Rosé presents a radiant, pale pink shade accompanied by a delicate and enduring stream of bubbles. Its aroma is refined, fruity, and graceful, characterized by notes of apple, pear, and white blossoms. Ideally suited for an aperitif, it pairs exquisitely with fruit salads, and its compatibility extends to the delightful companionship of sweet prosciutto. Versatile enough to complement an entire meal, it proves particularly harmonious with dishes centered around shellfish or salmon.