Spring is Here! Zoom Wine Workshop -Thursday 8th April

Spring is Here! Zoom Wine Workshop -Thursday 8th April

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Let us praise the season of light, the season of fresh air, flowers and perfumes, let’s celebrate it with the great wines of the world. It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter and we all deserve some sunshine now, and some wine too!

A wine workshop organised by Bedales of Borough, hosted by Mario Sposito, DipWSET, Wine Educator and Wine Director at Bedales of Borough and Bob’s Lobster, along with Chef Rob Dann, Managing Director and Founder of Bedales of Borough and Bob’s Lobster.

Explore 4 wine regions, learning about their climates, their grapes and their winemaking traditions; Taste the wines in a cheerful and informative way;

Discuss what’s best in season (wine and Food) and get a chance to win a bottle of Bubbles with our playful trivia.

Book your place now to receive 4 X 125ml wine samples; a link to join the live session via zoom; a wine education pack with technical sheets for each wine you will be tasting; a Bedales of Borough tasting diary. 

Booking Cutoff: Sunday 4th April

Thursday 8th April 6pm – 8pm