Bouchard Macon Lugny St Pierre 2020 France

Bouchard Macon Lugny St Pierre 2020 France

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Grape(s): Chardonnay

Region: Burgundy

Bouchard Mâcon Lugny St Pierre emerges as a white wine originating in the Mâconnais region of Burgundy, France. Made exclusively from 100% Chardonnay grapes, this wine radiates a luminous and invigorating personality, accompanied by an enchanting medley of citrus and white floral aromas.

Following fermentation, the wine undergoes a maturation period of up to 10 months, during which it matures in oak barrels for an additional four months. This meticulous aging process contributes to infusing the wine's texture with a velvety creaminess, harmoniously enhancing the nuanced hints of vanilla and toast.

The outcome is a wine that masterfully balances its vivacious acidity with a lavish tapestry of flavor and texture, making it an ideal match for pairing with delicate seafood dishes, succulent roasted chicken, or enticing vegetable gratins. It stands as a splendid illustration of the remarkable wine quality that characterizes the region.