Cantine Rallom Baglio Antico 2021 Italy

Cantine Rallom Baglio Antico 2021 Italy

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Grape(s): Catarratto

Region: Sicily

Produced by the skilled winemakers of Ciello in Alcamo, Sicily, this delightful wine encapsulates all the natural, orange wine qualities without the hefty price tag.

This wine is meticulously designed to burst forth with both character and an array of flavors. Following pressing, it undergoes a skin maceration process that imparts an added dimension and depth to its taste profile. The wine showcases aromas of ripe peaches and tangy pink grapefruit, creating a delightful contrast with the nearly marmalade-like essence and hints of spicy ginger on the palate. While exuding a bold tanginess and dryness, it remains an inviting choice well worth savoring. This wine harmonizes exceptionally well with an array of pasta dishes and spicier culinary offerings like fish curries.