Casa Canavel Prosecco Extra Dry NV

Casa Canavel Prosecco Extra Dry NV

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Grape: 100% Glera

Region: Veneto, Italy

Established in 1979 by wine merchant Mario Caramel, Canevel's mission is to showcase the authentic potential of the Glera grape. The name, signifying 'small cellar' in the local dialect, pays homage to the producer's boutique beginnings, now elevated to prestigious status. Situated in the historic heart of Prosecco production, the Valdobbiadene-Conegliano Superiore DOCG, Canevel crafts wines that embody a strong sense of identity, brimming with freshness, fragrance, and a level of complexity uncommon for this region.

Smooth, aromatic, and invigorating, this wine achieves an ideal equilibrium, harmonizing the flavors of crisp apple and delicate floral blossoms. All of this is gracefully carried by a soft and seductive effervescence.