Celler Comunica Montsant Vi Del Mas 2021 2021 Spain

Celler Comunica Montsant Vi Del Mas 2021 2021 Spain

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Grape(s): Grenache

Region: Catalonia

Presenting a luminescent ruby hue, this red wine strikes a harmonious balance between its lightness and robust flavors. Subtle hints of freshly churned raspberry sorbet intermingle with gentle notes of spice, creating a soft aromatic profile. The palate unfolds with a tapestry of raspberry and cherry flavors, accompanied by delicate nuances of white pepper. The wine achieves an adept equilibrium, its fine tannins contributing to the overall harmony.

Vi del Mas, a creation derived from Grenache and Syrah grapes sourced from the vineyards of Mas d'en Cosme, thrives in clayey-calcareous soils adorned with granitic sands. The hand-harvesting process is followed by a meticulous vinification process, involving the destemming of 50% of the grapes and macerations lasting 1 to 5 days. Fermentation occurs naturally within stainless steel and egg-shaped polymeric deposits. The aging journey transpires within these same vessels, encompassing 6 months in stainless steel and an additional 2 months within the egg-shaped deposits.