De La Suffrene Bandol 2021. Provence. France

De La Suffrene Bandol 2021. Provence. France

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Grape(s): Mouvedre, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan

Region: Bandol

Salmon-pink with orange hints, this wine has a floral and ripe aromas, with touches of peach and strawberry. It's taste is soft and dry. The finish is honeyed and lasting. Pairs well with asian cuisine, seafood, salads or as an aperitif.

The Bandol region in Provence, known for its wine, benefits from a favorable microclimate and from its king grape variety "Le Mourvedre". La Suffrene meticulously tends their vineyards, maintaining low yields for concentrated, high-quality fruit. Their dedication, though involving manual labor, results in the exceptional wines they're proud of. This Rosé stands out, showcasing pure fruit and a spicy, earthy character that's characteristic of the region.