Don Chisciotte 2020

Don Chisciotte 2020

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Grape: Fiano

Region: Campania, Italy

A must-try for enthusiasts of Cantina Giardino's wines, this is a classic neighboring offering—a skin-macerated Fiano from Irpinia nestled in the picturesque hills of Campania. For those new to this style, it exemplifies a timeless, highly regarded tradition that underscores orange wine as more than just a recent trend. In reality, this method of production has been a longstanding practice for decades in these regional heartlands. Interestingly, while the terminology may be novel, the producers still use the term "vino bianco" for these wines.

The wine undergoes completion in a steel tank, maintaining a focused and precise approach. Fiano, when macerated with the skins, imparts delightful savory notes of almond and a well-balanced bitterness in the finish. Waxy citrus peel, floral nuances, and an array of dry spices intertwine to craft a truly captivating wine, rich in complexity. A cherished classic for those who appreciate the old-school style.