Erste-Neue Lagrein 2022 Italy

Erste-Neue Lagrein 2022 Italy

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Grape(s): Lagrein

Region: Alto-Adige

Erste-Neue Lagrein originates from vineyards nestled at the heart of the Alto Adige DOC region.

Exclusively made from hand-harvested Lagrein grapes, the vinification process commences within controlled temperature stainless steel tanks. The subsequent phase entails maturation within expansive oak barrels before the wine is finally bottled.

This Lagrein from Erste-Neue displays a vivacious garnet colour. The bouquet that graces the nose is inherently varietal, adorned with pleasing traces of red fruits. Upon tasting, the wine reveals a pleasant level of tannic structure, rendering it robust and full-bodied, all while maintaining a commendable balance.

Pairs superbly with game and red meats.