Feline Sum Salento Susumaniello 2016 Italy

Feline Sum Salento Susumaniello 2016 Italy

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Grape(s): Susumaniello

Region: Brindisi

The name Sum recalls that of Susumaniello, an ancient vine typical of Puglia that was for a long time on the verge of disappearing but has been fortunately rediscovered and enhanced in recent years. In turn, the term Susumaniello recalls a characteristic of this vine that, especially in its first decade of life, when the plant can still be considered very young, is particularly productive. Left free to grow, in fact, it produces a large quantity of bunches. But Sum is above all Felline's homage to this ancient vine.

In the glass it is a beautiful deep, particularly deep, ruby red colour. The nose reveals itself first of all fruity, with clear memories of red fruit, but also flowers such as violets and roses. On the palate it is rich and full-bodied. Fruity, smooth and a bit alcoholic.