Gran Cerdo Blanco 2022 Spain

Gran Cerdo Blanco 2022 Spain

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Grape(s): Viura

Region: Rioja

Gran Cerdo Blanco emerges as an organic white wine hailing from the Rioja region in Spain. Crafted by Gonzalo Gonzalo, it proudly showcases a composition of 100% Viura grapes, resulting in a luminous yellow hue highlighted by delicate green tints. The aroma profile is characterized by a prominent presence of tropical fruits such as pineapple, green apple, and peach, accompanied by subtle wisps of white flowers.

This wine offers a dry and invigorating quality, marked by a medley of freshness and fruitiness. With a medium body and a harmoniously balanced acidity, it culminates in a crisp, lingering finish that carries a touch of minerality. Gran Cerdo Blanco stands as a splendid partner for shellfish, white fish, and vibrant salads. Its innate deliciousness and approachable nature make it a truly enjoyable and accessible wine.