Hacienda La Parrilla. Palomino El Pinto 2022 Spain

Hacienda La Parrilla. Palomino El Pinto 2022 Spain

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Grape(s): Palomino

Region: Andalucia

Presenting a radiant, golden yellow hue, the wine exudes lively aromas of green apple and citrus fruit. Delicate floral hints intertwine with notes of dried apples and yellow cherries, contributing to its intricate bouquet. The finish is clean and fresh, leaving a revitalizing impression. Pairs well with seafood, fish, lightly spiced dishes

The essence behind this endeavor is to craft wines of exceptional value, sourced from sustainably cultivated grapes and produced as naturally as possible. These wines are intended to reflect the unique character of the region. Nestled in picturesque landscapes near the Sierra de Cádiz, the vineyards are encompassed by ancient olive trees and grazing land where Iberico pigs freely roam.