La Casetta "Apogeo" Ormeasco di Parnassio 2020 Italy

La Casetta "Apogeo" Ormeasco di Parnassio 2020 Italy

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Grape: Ormeasco. 

Regio: Liguria

The Ormeasco grape is a rare gem in the world of Italian wines, often overlooked yet truly unique. While it shares roots with Piedmont's Dolcetto, its Ligurian expression offers a distinctively bright color, intense aroma, and sweeter tannins, complemented by a notable bitterness.

Winemaking begins with spontaneous fermentation in steel vats, eschewing artificial yeasts and embracing controlled temperatures. A nine-month refinement in wooden vats yields a complex palate experience, evoking flavors of gunpowder, chalk, flint, and smoked fruits—a veritable rock'n'roll concert for your taste buds.

This floral and fruity wine, enriched with hints of cherry and spices, presents an elegant, lightly tannic profile, showcasing the grape's remarkable character.