Le Rocher des Violettes 2020. Loire. France

Le Rocher des Violettes 2020. Loire. France

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Grape(s): Chenin Blanc

Region: Loire

This wine delivers a lot on the nose with ripe apricot, spice and those classic wood polish aromas. Good acidity and a little bit wild. If you love orange wine you'll love this!

From the ‘younger’, 70 years old,  vines of Le Grand Poirier this talented producer cultivates Chenin grapes using organic methods and macerates destemmed clusters for three weeks in wooden vats, all without adding sulfur during vinification.

To fully appreciate its qualities, it's advised to open this bottle at least two hours ahead of serving. It presents a charming golden hue with hints of orange, accompanied by an ample aroma of white fruits like apple and pear, along with floral notes, quince, and marmalade. This wine pairs wonderfully with robust dishes such as crustaceans, mashed potatoes, or goat's cheese.