Nemea Classic Driopi 2016

Nemea Classic Driopi 2016

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Grape: Agiorgitiko

Region: Peloponnese, Greece

Situated within the expansive viticultural zone of Nemea, one of Greece's largest winemaking regions, the area is embraced by mountain ranges that taper into hills and lush, vine-covered slopes. Here, the predominant grape variety is Agiorgitiko.

Renowned among both winemakers and enthusiasts, Nemea is celebrated as an ideal locale for crafting wines of exceptional quality and remarkable aging potential, particularly from the Agiorgitiko grapes.

Giannis Tselepos' vineyards are situated at an elevation of 400 meters. The vineyards benefit from refreshing sea breezes. The youngest vines are 20 years old. This wine showcases a harmonious blend of bright red and black fruits, complemented by ripe tannins. The deliberate low yields contribute to achieving a concentration of fruit flavours.