Pedemontis Jaiet 2021

Pedemontis Jaiet 2021

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Region: Langhe

Grape: Favorita

Favorita grapes sourced from the Roero subregion within the DOC Langhe Favorita appellation are characterized by the rugged terrain of the area.

The Roero region, once coastal, now showcases its history through the sandy limestone soils abundant with fossilized shells. Contrasting with nearby Langhe, Roero soil is younger, softer, and more water-absorbent, resulting in wines with inherent finesse.

 Cultivated on a 0.42-hectare plot at an optimal elevation of 250 meters, the eight-year-old Guyot-trained vines receive minimal intervention.

 Harvesting occurs in the early morning by hand to preserve freshness, reflecting a commitment to minimal intervention and maintaining the natural characteristics of the grapes.