Riccitelli Blanco De La Casa 2021 Argentina

Riccitelli Blanco De La Casa 2021 Argentina

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Grape(s): Sauvagnion Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay

Region: Uco Valley

Matias Riccitelli Blanco de la Casa emerges as an embodiment of sophistication and refinement among Argentina's white wines. Crafted by the skilled vintner Matias Riccitelli, recognized for his meticulous and detail-focused approach, this wine is sourced from the vineyards located in La Consulta within the Uco Valley.

The grape cultivation process encompasses the manual selection and picking of grapes, followed by a sorting procedure and a fermentation period within stainless steel tanks, utilizing the inherent natural yeast. Subsequently, the wine undergoes maturation for a span of 9 to 10 months within French oak barrels, bestowing a multifaceted flavor profile that gracefully balances intricacy with richness.

Matias Riccitelli Blanco de la Casa graces the palate with the harmonious interplay of luscious citrus and tropical fruit notes, accompanied by a nuanced touch of vanilla and toasted nuances. This exquisite fusion of youthful vibrancy and refined maturity positions it as a remarkable companion to an array of dishes, including seafood, grilled vegetables, and salads.