Sforzato Valtellina Fay Ronco Del Picchio 2019 Italy

Sforzato Valtellina Fay Ronco Del Picchio 2019 Italy

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Grape(s): Nebbiolo

Region: Lombardy

Ronco del Picchio embodies a Sforzato style, denoting a process of "straining." Consequently, it embraces the appassimento technique (akin to that of an AMARONE), involving the careful placement of harvested grapes on straw mats for months of deliberate drying. In the case of these wines, the grapes are gently desiccated in compact containers within a well-ventilated chamber until mid-December. Following this, it is meticulously aged for a year in oak barrels.

Boasting a vivid garnet-red colour, it emanates an expansive and pronounced bouquet, imbued with notes of black cherry, morello cherry, candied plum, licorice, leather, and a harmonious infusion of sweet spices, all thanks to these specialized treatments. On the palate, it exudes warmth and a gentle softness, displaying robustness and an extraordinary, lingering persistence that mirrors the qualities of Amarone, achieved through the gradual drying of the grape clusters on straw mats over several months.

Since Sforzato is a powerful wine, it should be paired with equally powerful foods: strong cheese, roasted meats, grilled meats, stews or rich foods. Roasted Lamb, Grilled Ribeye, Blue Cheeses, Gorgonzola, Fontal Cheese, Truffles and Polenta.