Tenuta Stella Friuliano 2020 Italy

Tenuta Stella Friuliano 2020 Italy

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Grape(s): 100% Friuliano

Region: Friuli

Exhibiting a rich golden hue highlighted by vivid tones, this wine unveils an initial burst of floral fragrances on the nose, including delicate hints of dandelion, lily, and broom. Subsequently, it offers the lush aromas of ripe peach and luscious apricot with a syrupy quality.

The palate experience mirrors the freshness and straightforwardness of the aromatic profile, evoking the fruity elements detected in the bouquet. A gratifying acidity on the finish effectively cleanses the palate. This wine is an impeccable choice for both aperitif occasions and accompanying substantial meals.

For pairing, it complements a variety of dishes such as fried fish, cod, soups, and white meats.