Weinrieder Ried Kugler Riesling 2022

Weinrieder Ried Kugler Riesling 2022

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Grape(s): Riesling

Region: Burgenland

The wine offers ripe and tender sweet fruit, with a juicy texture and fine acidity. Background notes of herbs, nuts, and tobacco add complexity, while a light mineral touch enhances the overall experience. It finishes with excellent juiciness and spiciness.

The Kugler vineyard's high lime content distinctly influences the wines, especially Rieslings, giving them an exotic style and fine acidity. Weinrierder winery pushes boundaries, particularly with Riesling, risking late harvests to maximize nature's potential—referred to as "Riesling on the limit."

Best served well chilled, this wine pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes including fish, lobster, seafood, deep-fried dishes, and poultry.

Made from 100% hand-picked grapes, this wine is also vegan-friendly.